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At ITC2, we transform your digital infrastructure through Digital Optimization® in order to maximize your benefits while REDUCING COSTS.

Today, it’s not whether companies need to go on a digital transformation but rather how successful they are once they start. The rapid pace of change puts constant pressure on companies to rapidly and reliably scale their digital infrastructure while providing seamless digital experiences.

We Help Organizations Optimize Their Digital Transformation Journey

At ITC2, we bring decades of experience in procuring and managing digital assets for enterprises. We see an opportunity to modernize the digital transformation journey through our proprietary approach, Digital Optimization®. It’s a philosophy that focuses on analyzing your existing digital infrastructure and maximizing its benefits through informed decision-making. Our combination of expertise and software has helped clients unlock the untapped potential in their digital infrastructure and drive their strategic priorities.

Digital Optimization®

Maximize the Benefits of Your Digital Infrastructure

Digital Optimization® Services

Optimizing your digital infrastructure requires constant dedication to identifying and eliminating pain points. Our services and software do just that across the project life cycle.

ITC2's Key Differentiators


Whether a Fortune 500 enterprise or a medium-sized high growth company, there are key unique differentiators that help us optimize our clients’ digital infrastructure: 

Deep industry expertise that allows us to quickly understand your problem and architect the best solution

Long-standing relationships with various service providers to provide the best solution tailored to your needs

Proprietary IP and processes that allow for more efficient management of vendors across the project lifecycle

Automated Digital N-Sights™platform to deliver more accurate, real-time insights from across your vendor and digital ecosystem

Clients Have Real-Time Insights through Digital N-Sights™

Our 300+ years of combined experience enables us to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and architect the best solution for our clients. Our unique platform Digital N-Sights (DNS) automates traditionally manual processes to analyze data from across your vendor ecosystem so you can get real-time insights into the effectiveness of your IT solutions.

Business Strategy & Technical Assessment

Analyzing your digital infrastructure to uncover strategic opportunities

Vendor Guidance & Negotiation

Identifying and brokering relationships with the right service providers to solve your needs

Order Execution & Account Support

Launching and managing the engagement to ensure it delivers results on time and within budget

Our experience has demonstrated that we can unlock the untapped potential in your digital infrastructure and drive your strategic priorities. Together we can optimize your digital transformation through Digital Optimization®

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