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Transform The Way You Do Business

ITC2: Digital N-Sights™ is a powerful tool that consolidates and assimilates data from multiple platforms and suppliers into a real-time, comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard, order management, and fulfillment system. Reduce manual spreadsheets and improve accuracy on the journey to Digital Optimization®

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Digital N-Sights™

Automate Your Way To A Digital Transformation

Digital N-Sights™ Benefits

Faster Project Execution

Our experience has demonstrated that we can unlock the untapped potential in your digital infrastructure and drive your strategic priorities. Together we can optimize your digital transformation through Digital Optimization®

Project Data Integrity

Quick User Adoption

ITC2: Digital N-Sights™ Helps Companies Automate, Innovate, and Transform Technology

Make project management easy and accurate with Gantt Charts, Action Logs, Go / No Go, Realtime Mobile Updates, Risk Register, and Test & Turn Up, plus the added feature of Geo-Location Capability. Digital N-Sights improves the management of projects by using automation to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing cost.

The Digital N-Sights™ Platform Gives You A Comprehensive Business View Into Your Technology

Simplify project management with role-based customizable dashboard views and real-time business intelligence reporting. The comprehensive business view gives you updates at a glance on order status, cost overview, project remaining, and activation forecast.

Are you ready to Automate Your Technology, Innovate Your Technology, and Transform The Way You Do Business?

Improved Customer Experience

Reduced Operating Costs

"The Digital N-Sights™ Platform is an innovative, collaborative tool that enables the SDWAN Team to track project orders in one centralized location. It’s user friendly with customizable fields that allow me to manage my projects and reporting with speed and accuracy."

– ITC2: Digital N-Sights™ Customer

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